Reservations and Seating Charts.
Hover your mouse over the blue button for info.
Start by clicking on August 13th.
The buttons are active to go through the details,
however, they won't change them.
Red tables are reserved.
Yellow have been seated and time stamped.
You can have up to 9 floor plans.
Reservations can be populated directly from your website.

SEATING CHART and RESERVATIONS PageStart by Selecting a Floor
Make a Reservation:
Click on a date for either this month or next month. Click on 'Add Reservation' and complete the form. Then Click 'Make Reservation'.
Edit a Reservation:
Click on a date to be edited. Click on the pink 'Edit' button to the left of the reservation. Make your CHANGES then Click 'Save Edited Reservation'.
To DELETE the Reservation ERASE the Name Field then Click 'Save Edited Reservation'.
Make a Seating Chart:
Click on a date for either this month or next month. Click on a table. A pop up window appears. Either Type In a name for 'Walk-Ins' or Select from your Reservation List. Then Click 'RESERVE'. The table turns red.
Seating Guests:
Click on today's date to bring up the chart for today. When your guests arrive, Click on the red table you have saved for them. The table will turn Yellow and become Time Stamped. If you seat them directly, click on the open table, a pop up will appear, either enter their name or choose from the list, and click 'SEAT'. If you choose from the reservation list, the name will disappear from the list.
Multiple Tables for one reservation:
If you seat one reservation on multiple tables, before seating the name, click the 'Multi Tables' box.
When Guests Leave:
Click on the Yellow table and a pop up window will appear. You will be asked to SAVE the Reservation Visit to the database or CANCEL it which will not save it.
Moving Guests:
To move guests from one table to another, go through the table clicks, CANCEL the reservation, and start over.
Waiting List:
A temporary list for people waiting for a table.

August 2016  
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Waiting List:
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